Age Gracefully….but not before you have to!

March 14, 2011

Age is a reality we all face but why not squeeze the most out of your life.

My philosophy is a full on proactive approach. Do whatever you can to stay young.

Of course, age is a process that involves much more than our appearance. Staying young and vibrant also requires that you make an effort to keep fit, eat healthy and maintain your energy and sense of fun. Learn new things, accept new challenges and keep a balance in life… spend time doing the things you enjoy.

As for the way we look…well yes, that’s important too but it’s not simply a matter of vanity. I honestly believe that making the time and effort to present yourself well and looking fresh isn’t so much about vanity as it is about feeling confident and feeling good about yourself…and this really helps to keep that upper edge in the workplace.

Age gracefully…but not without a fight…. take a stand!! 🙂

I see first hand the results that a little bit of cosmetic touchup can achieve….not just to freshen a person’s look but even more importantly to lift their self esteem, their spirit and their aura of vibrancy. If you feel younger than you look… then look as young as you feel.

Dr Ingrid Tall

Trilogy Face Lift – a non surgical treatment program

October 31, 2010

Non surgical treatments are increasing in popularity while the traditional ‘knife or scalpel’ facelift is falling out of favour. Why?  Because techniques to help maintain a fresh and youthful appearance have progressed significantly and drastic measures, involving the cutting and removal of sagging flesh, are obviously best avoided if you can help it!

While spot treatments can result in a significant improvement to a particular problem area, a more global, multi faceted approach makes a lot of sense. The Trilogy Facelift neatly packages three treatment approaches that work in synergy to address the three underlying causes of aging.

1. Reshaping. – As we age, not only does our skin become less supple but there are underlying changes that take place in the structure of the bones, fat and muscles around the face. So the foundation to restoring a more youthful appearance is to use a dermal filler that have been developed specifically to fill out and reshape sagging and hollowed areas.  In particular the areas around the cheeks, mouth, brow, under the eyes and temple hollows can benefit significantly from this reshaping approach.

2. Rejuvenation – As we age, diminishing collagen production results in a loss of elasticity and thickness of the skin which in turn leads to sagging and wrinkling. So in conjunction with a reshaping treatment, a complete treatment regime also targets lines and wrinkles with other types of products. Some products act to fill out lines and wrinkles immediately while others help the skin regain a firm and youthful appearance by restoring skin volume that has been naturally lost.

3. Relaxing – Another factor that plays a role in the aging process is muscle memory and tension in the muscles around the face. Through a process of continual repetitive of facial expressions, we develop what are sometimes referred to as ‘character’ lines. This effect is most notable around the brow and between the eyebrows. Muscle relaxants can target these areas and relax these muscles. This not only relaxes the muscles but also breaks the muscle memory cycle which would otherwise lead to a gradual deepening of the existing lines.

The Trilogy Facelift reshapes the contours of your face to return more youthful curves, rejuvenates and restores the suppleness and vibrancy of your skin, and relaxes the tension in the underlying muscular map. So now, instead of looking in the mirror and seeing someone staring back who looks 10 years older than you feel, your outer self can reflect your dynamic inner self.

– Dr. Ingrid Tall