Age Gracefully….but not before you have to!

March 14, 2011

Age is a reality we all face but why not squeeze the most out of your life.

My philosophy is a full on proactive approach. Do whatever you can to stay young.

Of course, age is a process that involves much more than our appearance. Staying young and vibrant also requires that you make an effort to keep fit, eat healthy and maintain your energy and sense of fun. Learn new things, accept new challenges and keep a balance in life… spend time doing the things you enjoy.

As for the way we look…well yes, that’s important too but it’s not simply a matter of vanity. I honestly believe that making the time and effort to present yourself well and looking fresh isn’t so much about vanity as it is about feeling confident and feeling good about yourself…and this really helps to keep that upper edge in the workplace.

Age gracefully…but not without a fight…. take a stand!! 🙂

I see first hand the results that a little bit of cosmetic touchup can achieve….not just to freshen a person’s look but even more importantly to lift their self esteem, their spirit and their aura of vibrancy. If you feel younger than you look… then look as young as you feel.

Dr Ingrid Tall

Great results with skin rejuvenation using Platelet Rich Plasma (Vampire Facial)

August 25, 2010

We have been receiving really positive feedback from our clients who are undergoing the REGEN Platelet Rich Plasma treatment to improve their skin texture and tone, especially for the treatment of fine lines around the eyes. PRP, or Regen, is a collagen stimulating therapy and is ideal for treating ageing skin on the face, neck, eyes and décolletage.

As we age, collagen and elastin become depleted in our skin causing lines, wrinkles and thin skin. Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment designed to improve the texture and tone of the skin, helping it become progressively thicker, tighter and more supple.

It is a simple and safe procedure which involves taking a blood sample and spinning it down in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelet rich plasma. We extract and process it on site at our clinic. This is then injected into the desired areas of the skin over a series of just 2-3 treatments. This same technique has previously been used with success in the treatment of burns, orthopaedics and to accelerate wound healing. You will see results after a month and it continues to improve for many months after.

To enhance the effect of the rejuvenation, we can administer a volumising dermal filler to lift the cheeks, which also decreases the depth of the lines around the mouth and nose.

As we age, we have a tendency to break down collagen and elastin, so top up treatments are recommended every year or two to slow down the ageing process.

–  Dr Ingrid Tall